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About Us

The Aman Foundation shall be wholly for the public and Charitable purpose and it’l deal in welfare of the needy people helping them economically and socially in all aspect and other states without prejudice to their religion, cast and creed and the following shall be deemed to be the principal objectives.

Firstly, wherever the trust decides to work for the country people. Their dedication should be for the welfare of the people helping them economically and socially in all  aspects. 

Manmeet Kaur
Why Choose Us

No two days are the same here

Aman Foundation has transformed lives in every dimension spoken. From eliminating the root problems of education by providing free education and meals to providing special guided education to the deaf and dumb. From teaching life skills to the visually impaired to the professional skill development of the differently-abled.

Certified Care
We are certified by the National Charity Care Association
Great Staff
Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile.
Together we can end hunger forever.
What we do for charity
We do this through well planned and comprehensive programs in health, education etc.
Different daily activities that help Needy Person.
Great Staff

Our Carers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

  1. Give them what they need like food or clean water.
  2. Support their education.
  3. Give away your clothes that you don’t use anymore.
  4. Provide them with a safe place to stay.
  5. Sponsor an orphan.
  6. Educate them by giving them some courses.
  7. Give away your children’s old toys.
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